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She mentions invisible tech in seamless smart materials where the tech does cool stuff to enhance the wearer’s experience, without making them feel like they’re wearing a gadget. Adriana’s smart trainers sure feel like a step in that direction.
— Brooke Roberts - Huffington Post

To chop and change is a beautiful thing. Not to have a cookie cutter version of anything you buy, even after you buy it. What’s to say that technology and a few zippers or laces couldn’t provide you with bespoke, smart footwear? 

That’s why I created the Talks Tech Collection by SAM Labs. 

Equipped with SAM Blocks and detachable pieces, each shoe from the Talks Tech Collection allows is smart, existing and thinking for you like a smart tentacle extension of your body. With hundreds of safety, GPS, and IoT features, your shoes can do anything from call the police to guide you home unobtrusively with simple technology. 

But why then should you be bound to one design? The second benefit of each Talks Tech shoe is that you can chop and change the pieces to suit your stylistic or realistic needs. Detachable pieces bound by zippers or laces allow you to mix, match, bind, and unbind pieces to create your perfect combo of leggings, to shoes, to a full piece suit. 

The third element to the collection is the concept of gaining digital literacy. Why not use your SAM Blocks and your shoes to learn computer programming through the extraordinarily simplified interface? By simply dragging and dropping in the SAM Space app, you can further customise your shoes by adding or assigning functions to each SAM Block. Change your SAM Vibration blocks from GPS trackers to calendar reminders, or your SAM Tilt from a music controller to an email sender by simply tweaking a few things. 

Customisable technology. Customisable shoes. You’ve got the power.

Welcome to the future of footwear: Talks Tech by SAM Labs. 

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Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 20.55.44.png

For this project, the art of visagism: the study of personality and character traits as identified through dentistry, was used in conjunction with Isabella Blow, fashion icon, as inspiration to generate a collection of gravity defying heels. 



"I don't use a hat as a prop,

I use it as a part of me."

-Isabella Blow 


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